Sense of mission.


A play with an ensuing opera questions contemporary issues. “Spiel im Sand” deals with current acts of war in south-western Asia and relates it to the dictatorship of General Franco in Spain. Modern, classic as well as surrealistic stylistic devices are combined to illustrate, confuse and query.

On the basis of “Spiel im Sand” a series of textile objects has been developed, which reflect the themes of the play in a metaphoric way. Associations to power and its collapse arise as well as to the question of the “foreign”. Furthermore the dependence on the alleged weaker part is evaluated. In this context it is referred to the significance of external influences. Questions, like “Which forms of power are existent?“, “Which powerful influence might have not only the mighty but also the alleged weak, the dominated one’s?“ or “How is ,the foreign’ positioned within the power structure?“ arise.

In an experimental way of working materials and techniques that appear to be foreign to one another are combined so that they seem to work against each other but also develop a new surface feel and unusual aesthetics. By using primarily concrete and metal fabrics a certain heaviness, strength and monumentality are symbolised. However the objects illustrate fragility, lightness and transparency by their structure at the same time. Those unities of contradictions are found all throughout the work.

︎ photos by Matthias Ritzmann