What is virtual materiality? Does a disruptive material exist? Is there one origin for all material?

The project Am%C3%B6ben shows a series of experimental photographs, which play with materiality. Ambiguous views of objects allow associations from microscopic images to discoveries of unknown worlds. Haptically interesting and diverse surfaces build a contrast to the digital presentation of the pictures on screens. The apparently inseparable link between a material and its feel is interrupted. In a society, becoming more and more digital, tactile perception will probably change and become less developed.

The work, resembling a research series, is supposed to connect a scientific work with a creative project. From my point of view, the approach of those two disciplines is inevitable and holds valuable potential.The title “Am%C3%B6ben“ combines the undefined, variable form of amoeba with the alienated display of the word online due to German umlaute. Digital age meets single-celled organisms. The internet meets the origin of life, and last but not least: design meets science.